1. They Shooting feat. DJV
    Dark Experiment

  2. Old Is Better EP

  3. I'm Fukking Back (Album)
    Dark Experiment

  4. Disorder Without the Consent
    Sky Line Walker

  5. Enter in the Doom / Out of the Lies
    Dark Experiment

  6. The Transformation of the Demon EP Part.II (VIP EDITION)
    Dark Experiment and The DarkArtesy

  7. Is Not More Time EP
    Dark Experiment

  8. Tokyo Raw EP
    Dark Experiment

  9. Waiting EP
    Dark Experiment

  10. DPINC. V Years Anniversary
    DPINC. (Various Artists)

  11. World is Chaos EP
    Dark Experiment and Terminal Trauma

  12. Truth of Another World (Rec. in Live-Act)
    The DarkArtesy

  13. Imagination is Key EP
    Razor Edge

  14. ClusterFuck LP
    Razor Edge feat. Djipe

  15. The First Mission EP

  16. Dark Corners
    Orpheus & Cyberstruct

  17. My Straitjacket (Gruiiik Remix)
    Dark Experiment

  18. Repercussions of the Human Mentality EP

  19. Eat Your Mind (Blasphem Remix)
    Dark Experiment

  20. Breathing Poison
    Andy The Core

  21. Zeta Reticuli
    Razor Edge

  22. Human Garbage
    Raum 107

  23. My Straitjacket
    Dark Experiment

  24. Witness oF A Passing
    Dark Experiment

  25. Creep Masterz

  26. Give Me Your Life
    The DarkArtesy

  27. The Black List
    Audio Maniacs

  28. Eat Your Mind
    Dark Experiment

  29. Come Back The Dark Side
    Dark Experiment vs The DarkArtesy

  30. My World My Rules
    Dark Experiment

  31. Theory of the Dead EP
    Dark Experiment and Kompass

  32. Do You Know EP
    Dark Experiment

  33. Massive EP
    Razor Edge featuring How Hard

  34. 2012 The End of The World
    DPINC. (Various Artists)

  35. The White Blood EP
    DPINC. (Various Artists)

  36. Look at the Bells (Album)
    Audio Maniacs

  37. Life Within Karma EP
    Dark Experiment With Minckz

  38. Fucking Sunday EP
    DesastaMasta & DarkKnight and Dark Experiment

  39. Fuck Discipline EP
    X-Mind & Darkeshen

  40. Red District EP
    The DarkArtesy

  41. Wake UP!! EP
    X-Steria & Dark Experiment

  42. Dark Presences EP
    The Dark Experiment Team


DPINC. Digital World Milan, Italy

Dark Productions Inc. The Revelation of the Extreme Sound
Born in 2007 and Since then Burn the Ground with the Extreme Sound.
Focused in Hardcore Main, Industrial Hardcore, Darkcore, Drum'N'Bass, Dark Drum'N'Bass, Darkstep, Dubstep and Others.
About Question: info@darkproductions.it
Booking: bookings@darkproductions.it
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